About Us

When the tradition of Islamic arts and crafts was vibrant and widespread, it served as a bridge between physical and spiritual life. It was not only the artist or craftsman who drew closer to the Divine through his work, but also the user of the art whose spiritual intimacy was enhanced.

UNS (pronounced ‘oons’), which is an Arabic word meaning “spiritual intimacy”, was founded in 2001 by an American convert, Ibrahim Batchelder, to promote this tradition, which he had learned during his years of traditional study and apprenticeship in Istanbul.

The company is committed to producing stunning works of arts and crafts that are true to the aesthetics of Islam, and that can be an aid to those seeking to know Allah.

Finely crafted prayer beads, made by some of the foremost Turkish craftsmen working in the Ottoman legacy, became the first UNS product because of the way they facilitate the practice of the invocations mentioned by the Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and give him peace.

We then designed a series of fine Islamic jewelry in collaboration with some of the world’s leading calligraphers that has proven to be very popular throughout the world.

We also crafted a series of naturally exquisite perfumes that were created with the intention on aiding one follow the Prophetic way of bringing joy to those around one by all means, even if only by a passing breeze of an ethereal scent.

Besides these products we also provide bespoke arts and crafts services that cover a huge spectrum forms including, but not limited to, leather book binding, pens, cases, shelves, screens, book design, Quran stands, bespoke misbahas and jewelry, and much more.

We also offer Islamic design consulting for mosques and interior design projects.

By combining traditional Islamic design and the finest materials in a way that is in harmony with contemporary life, Uns strives to bring forth crafts and works of art that represent the best of the Islamic tradition while benefiting us in our daily lives.