Lignum Vitae 9mm Premium
Lignum Vitae 9mm Premium
Lignum Vitae 9mm Premium
Lignum Vitae 9mm Premium

Lignum Vitae 9mm Premium


Recently I had the fortune of finding a small stash of what is perhaps the highest quality of any Lignum Vitae I have ever seen. It had been sourced by a shipyard for use in the bearings of a new ship but just before the construction began the contract was cancelled and moved to China.

I was fortunate enough to purchase some of the remaining wood. It has uniform color and an unusually pronounced “cat's eye” effect that results from the chatoyance of the interlocked grain.

If our ambient surroundings have a powerful effect on our state of being, what if the things we interact most closely with are natural instead of synthetic? What if they were a combination of beauty, craftsmanship and sacred function? My conviction and experience is that this enriches our lives. 

As the interface of our remembrance and glorification of the Divine, the misbaha is the ideal object for embodying these qualities and offering this enrichment.

In the crafts, tools are of primary importance, they must be well maintained, comfortable, a pleasure to use and if they are a joy to behold it makes using them all the more gratifying. The word misbaha literally means 'tool of glorification.' In this craft of drawing closer to Allah Most High, choose a tool that will enrich you and make your work a pleasure!

 Bead size: 9 x 9 mm

Hole Size: 0.9mm

Imame or Alif length: 68mm

Length of main strand: 46.5 cm

Overall length incl. counter: 71 cm


They are by far the best quality misbahas in all aspects that I have purchased not according to myself alone but also according to the testimonials of other people that see them

A M, Egypt 

Thank you for sending the tasbih it is very beautiful and was much appreciated.

YN London, UK


Good Evening, the tespihs have arrived and are very beautiful, thank you very much!

Z B Turkey


Hi Ibrahim, just want to inform you that my lignum vitae tesbih just arrived, thank you! It smells great!

Y P Indonesia


Amazing work! Honestly I love them all, very special work, you can feel the spirit and life of the wood in them mashaAllah!

S. A. Saudi Arabia


Really enjoy making dhikr with this. May Allah bless you with all the reward. 

JS Pakistan